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blue lotus hypnotherapy



Experience the transformative power of solution-focused hypnotherapy at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy – a unique blend of psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and hypnosis. Research affirms the lasting effectiveness of hypnotherapy, ranking it among the most effective talk therapies available today. Discover the power to control and reshape your thought patterns, leading to a life of enduring positive change!

During the sessions, we combine therapeutic discussion with hypnosis induction. In this deeply relaxed state, you retain complete control, yet your conscious and subconscious mind’s awareness are elevated, fostering a greater understanding of how to implement positive life changes. Success in overcoming conditions such as anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, IBS, procrastination, motivation issues, depression, pain management, weight loss, and many other challenges, requires nothing more than your high intention to succeed.

Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness holds up strongly in online formats as well, making it a conveniently accessible therapy in today’s digital world.

past life regression

Ever felt an inexplicable connection to a place you’ve just visited, as if you’ve been there before? Past life regression therapy may hold the answers you seek.

Past life regression, a specialised form of hypnotherapy offered at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy, enables you to access memories from your previous lives or incarnations. During the session, we guide you into a state of hypnosis, facilitating access to your subconscious mind.

This journey could uncover vivid memories, emotions, and sensations from a past life. These recollections may provide insight into unresolved issues or emotional blocks that are affecting your present life. Exploring and processing these memories can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and potentially help heal past traumas. A number of clients who have undergone past life regression therapy with us report experiencing profound personal insights and emotional healing as a result of the process.

Explore your past to empower your present with Past Life Regression Therapy at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy.

aromatherapy massage

Seeking the ultimate relaxing massage experience? Allow aromatherapy massage to envelope you in an atmosphere of soothing scents. In an initial consultation, we determine the ideal essential oils tailored to your physical health conditions and current emotional needs.

Gentle lymphatic drainage massage movements and balancing techniques are used which are specifically designed to amplify the effects of the essential oils. Extracted from plants, these essential oils possess potent properties that influence both the physical body and emotional mind. For instance, inhaling rosemary can clear your head and enhance focus, while the sedative effects of ylang ylang can promote stress relief by reducing blood pressure.

Aromatherapy massage at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing treatment with multiple benefits, including detoxifying a sluggish lymphatic system, uplifting low mood, alleviating inflammation in aching muscles, and encouraging analgesic effects for pain relief.

bespoke body massage

Tailor your relaxation experience with a bespoke body massage at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy. This massage treatment is designed to focus on the areas you most enjoy being massaged or areas requiring targeted muscle manipulation. A short consultation will determine the best way to customise your treatment, setting the stage for an hour of tailored relaxation.

For instance, if you lead an active lifestyle, are on your feet all day, preparing for a marathon, or enjoy regular walking, you may prefer a deep massage focusing on your legs and feet. If you spend long hours at a desk, your tense back, shoulders, and arms might be in dire need of attention. Or perhaps you simply want to pamper yourself and choose your favourite massage spots such as your feet or scalp for an indulgent hour of relaxation.

deep tissue massage

If you’re seeking a more intense, firm massage experience, a deep tissue treatment at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy could be just what you need. An initial consultation will assess the suitability of this treatment and how it can be customised to address your needs. The techniques used in this treatment may involve joint manipulation and the use of forearms and elbows to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia.

Employing sustained pressure, deep strokes, and targeted pressure points, this massage aims to alleviate deep-rooted muscle tension, dissolve muscle knots, and reduce pain. Experience the rejuvenating power of deep tissue massage at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy.

hot stone therapy

Experience the deeply relaxing and sedative effects of hot stone therapy. Serving as an excellent remedy for stress and insomnia, this warming therapy will leave you in a state of profound relaxation. A brief consultation determines how the treatment can be personalised to your needs.

We use warm Indonesian basalt stones coupled with lomi massage techniques to soften muscle tissue, relieving aches and tension. Particularly suited for a cold winter’s day, hot stone therapy will make you feel as if stress is simply melting away.

Indian head massage

Experience the profound effects of an Indian head massage at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy. A brief consultation will assess your needs and how we can tailor this traditional treatment to suit you best. Your whole body stands to benefit from massaging your upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, and scalp, while your chakras, the subtle energy bodies, are rebalanced.

You can opt for the traditional method of Indian head massage, performed fully clothed on a seated position, offering the convenience of no undressing or oil residue on your skin. It’s the ideal revitalising treatment to fit into your busy day. Alternatively, oil application may be used based on your preference.

Regardless of your choice, you will experience the potent and relaxing benefits of this treatment. Indian head massage is especially effective in alleviating headaches, insomnia, enhancing energy levels, uplifting low moods, relieving aching shoulders, promoting good hair condition, and improving focus and concentration


Indulge in the ultimate foot pampering with Reflexology at Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy. This therapy is not only deeply relaxing, but also beneficial for various conditions such as hormone imbalance, localised pain, stress, fertility issues, and low energy levels. A consultation will assess the suitability of the treatment, taking into account your physical conditions. If embarking on a course of treatments, we can monitor weekly results to track your progress.

Reflexology, an ancient Chinese therapy, enables access to the whole body via the feet. Pressure is applied to reflex points that mirror the body’s organs and systems, with specific techniques used to unblock stagnant energy. This therapy is particularly beneficial for stress reduction, restoring balance, hormone regulation, and energy boosting.

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