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The Healing Power of Hot Stones

by | Nov 5, 2023

There is so much more to a hot stone massage than just a superficial pamper!

This holistic treatment attends to the restoration of your physical, mental and emotional bodies as the healing properties of the basalt stones combine physiological benefits with energetic healing. The stones I use in my treatments originate from ancient volcanic sources in Indonesia and are smoothed naturally in the water to present ergonomic shapes well suited to the body’s curves. Using the stones regularly infuses them with healing energy and activates their vibrational qualities to magically power them up to retain the heat for longer. 

Stones have been used for centuries for healing and ritual ceremonies and the treatment offered in current times incorporates many techniques from different cultures. The American Indians even believe stones have souls, containing ancient information and connect with them when meditating in the sweat lodges. As with other crystals, the integrity of the stones’ properties can be maintained by re-energising them. This can be done by exposing them to the moonlight (a full moon is most powerful!) or sunlight or burying them in the earth. In between treatments, the stones are washed and reprogrammed with healing intentions.

During a massage, the heat from the stones will soften the muscle tissues to ease tension and provide analgesic benefits to soothe achy muscles. The heat also encourages dilation of the pores in your skin which helps absorb the rich minerals of iron and magnesium present in the stone composition. The high content of iron ensures the stones stay warm for longer than other igneous stones and the continuous warmth helps relax the whole body and thus your mind. From a crystal energy perspective, the vibration of these magical stones will support emotional healing for transformation.

You see, hot stone massage is a truly restorative therapy for your total wellbeing!  

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Appointments must be taken in 2023

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