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The Importance of Sleep

by | Jul 7, 2023

Did you know that when you sleep, the stresses of your day are played out and worked through in your dreams, either realistically or metaphorically?

During the night, your brain will magically translate and convert the emotional stories that you are running in your subconscious into a narrative that appear in your consciousness when you awake. If your brain has been able to do this effectively, the problem may appear less important or you have a solution. However, if your brain is overloaded with stress, you may not sleep well, or for long enough or have interrupted sleep. In which case, there has not been enough time to process and resolve the problem into a narrative, instead still leaving you with emotional stress. One of the first indicators of being too stressed is not sleeping well. That is why the saying ‘sleep on it’ makes sense as a good night’s sleep will help you to make a reasonable decision after being full of emotional anxiety. This works like magic IF you are getting good quality sleep. However, if you have trouble sleeping, it may be because you are unable to switch off your brain as it is full of stress and you find it hard to settle to sleep peacefully. 

Not having a routine limits the possibility of feeling relaxed before sleeping and preparing to sleep. Avoiding stimulants in the evening such as alcohol and caffeine can help. Switching off electronic devices an hour before sleep is also conducive to calming the nervous system –  avoiding work emails before bedtime may eliminate them from the forefront of your mind.

When you sleep peacefully, you produce hormones that will support a positive and harmonious start to the next day. Melatonin, the hormone which supports the circadian rhythm, is produced during the night and is a precursor to the production of seratonin, the ‘happy’ hormone. Poor sleep may impact on your day by interrupting the flow of serotonin which helps keep you motivated, positive and balanced. 

You may need some help to relax enough to sleep well and apart from offering relaxation techniques, I offer my clients a sleep recording to help them along. The recording is designed to stimulate neural pathways to prepare for sleep and calm the nervous system. 

There are thousands of hours of research dedicated to the science of sleep, the circadian rhythm and the effects and benefits and without reading anything further, the one thing you can immediately do to support your sleep quality is play this recording as often as you wish, preferably at bedtime. You do not even need to actively listen so if you fall asleep (great!), my voice is speaking to your subconscious which will understand the language of suggestion and metaphors. Enjoy!

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